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'Enhanced Citizen-Assisted Reporting,' or 'ECAR' for short, is a WYDOT program that allows volunteers to provide first hand observations of road conditions to the Department. This information is used to bolster the agency's travel information service.
During past winters, reports from volunteers have proven to be timely and accurate and have been a valuable supplement to WYDOT's traditional method of using solely reports received from agency maintenance personnel.
A typical ECAR volunteer is someone who drives a particular stretch of road regularly, and possibly has been doing so on a long-term basis. Many volunteers are affiliated with a transportation company or business which distributes its products via Wyoming's highways.
ECAR participants are supplied with an illustrated handbook which includes written and visual definitions of the different types of pavement and weather conditions used by WYDOT; for example, the difference between "slick" and "slick in spots" is described. Volunteers are also instructed on how and when to report issues such as road kill or other debris on the roadway as well as how to report incorrect information on dynamic message signs.

For help, please call us at (307) 777 4623 or email us at ecar@wyo.gov